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                         For All American's Who Want To Make America Great Again


I have been in business for over 20 years.  I have never come out in public concerning politics until now.  I feel it is my civic duty as an American and I do have legitimate concerns about what's happening to our country.  The next President will have an affect on my business, my family and my children.  I will not just sit idly by if I have a right as an American to express myself.  There are 4 reasons I am speaking out and sharing my feelings. The first reason is I believe our country is in the worst financial, moral and spiritual condition it's ever been in the history of our country.  We have never been in the position we are in now.  We truly need hope and change right about now and not the fabricated hope and change that was promised 8 years ago.  My second reason is there is a movement from within and without America to get it from being a sovereign country and part of a new world order or globalism.  The movement is to get America under the control of forces outside of our republic and into the hands of the international governing bodies. The process has already begun and most American's have no clue.  Whether you know it or not on October 1, 2016 our Internet with all it's free speech will be literally given away to the international governing bodies to regulate.  Something America discovered and developed gone with the stroke of a pen.  This you can give thanks to your President, Obama.  You didn't hear the media report this did you? 
Whether you know it or not, open borders is directly being influenced by George Soro's, who is not an American, but is pouring billions into the media, the government and liberal organizations to spread the open society and globalist influence.  Whether you know it or not, your President Obama ordered our border agents to not enforce the borders laws.  Whether you know it or not NAFTA, and the Trans pacific partnership (TPP) are all measures to globalize America.  TPP is a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement.  Your current President would sign off on our constitution in a heart beat if he had another term, and give the U.N. all the power.  Look what he's done to our marriage laws, our health care coverage, the IRS, the military, our debt and our heritage in just 8 short years.  Our currency is being sabotaged by this President so that the dollar will crash and lose its value.  Devaluing the dollar is another scheme of these globalist - a one world currency. These are serious concerns worth writing for and every American needs to be aware of how methodically we are being transformed just as Obama promised.  I believe Hillary will finish destroying what Obama couldn't.  This I promise you.     
My third reason for speaking up is the lack of knowledge about our American history and heritage from people right here in America and those entering illegally.  If one were to understand our American history, one would understand Donald Trump.  Without understanding the framework and purpose of the constitution and Declaration of Independence America will be trampled on and redefined unknowingly.  America has a flag to remind us of our 200 plus years of blood shed and wars fought to preserve our constitution.  America does not answer to foreign countries or outside influence.  We are accountable to God and our founding father's who created our countries laws.  We must get people to read American history and get our schools to teach it properly or the true history of our nation will be buried. 
Millions upon millions are entering our borders without any orientation to our flag, constitution, laws and Christian identity.  There is no such thing as a free America unless we understand the bloodshed and sacrifice that was made for that freedom.  Many are walking across our borders with no knowledge of that bloodshed and sacrifice.  Our freedom was brought with a huge price and many generations died for our generation to preserve our constitution and freedoms we have today. Obama and this generation thinks they're entitled to free things.  If you can believe this fact verifiable on the Internet, Obama has given immigrants the right to waive their rights to defend this country or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  All they have to do is sign a waiver.  Is that enough to want change?  Well, the Stars and Stripes on our flag were earned and not given, and no one gets a free pass to sabotage our sacred country.  Our country has been separated from the rest of the world to be a city on a hill and be a beacon for the rest of the world.  Our constitution will not work with any other type of government system because its founders intended it to be for a moral and religious people under a democracy.  We don't apologize for our God given exceptionalism.  I believe what is missing in our country is true leadership with a vision and clear plan to get us out of the mess we are in financially.  I ask you to view the video above with an open mind and see the power and long term investment for our generation and our future generations. You will notice in Trump's plan there are no "deplorable's", but just American's.  He speaks for all the people.  We will never apologize for who we are and what we stand for: God, Freedom, Independence, Prosperity and Democracy. 
My forth reason is a good one.  The main stream media.  Don't believe a word the worthless media is spewing out. They are part of the dark forces attempting the new world order.  They continually lie about what Donald trump speaks about and create so much deception and lies it will make your head spin.  The media has a code of ethics, standards and policies just like any other profession that must be adhered to, but they lost that integrity and trustworthiness with the American people a long time ago.  They don't report news, they make it up.  They want you to believe that Donald Trump is unfit for office, they want you to believe he hates all Hispanics and Muslims.  The media throws out all these phobia names (zeno, homo, muslim, etc) to get you emotional and to not listen to what he has to really say.  He actually has excellent things to say and I have posted above so you can hear for yourself.  The media's depiction of Trump is so far off base it's pathetic.  Donald Trump never said he would ban all Muslim's or that immigrants are not welcomed.  He wants countries and people coming here to respect our laws and enter the legal way, and wants to protect you the American from those who have criminal records or are bringing drugs into our country.  That the media says is evil? 
What Obama is doing (open borders) is evil.  That will create a crisis for our country.  Number one, we have no money.  The United States of America is 20 trillion dollars in debt, not profit.  How can we feed others when we can't even feed our own.  It feels like these past eight years have been a waste for our country. We were supposed to be enjoying prosperity, unity, transparency, harmony in congress, and peace with no wars.  This man, Obama gave a Iran, a terrorist regime 1.5 billion dollars.  Imagine what every homeless person, every school district, every drug addict, every minority, every student trying to go to college, every low-income person, every single mom, law enforcement, every community could do with that money?  A President like Obama who doesn't enforce laws, makes up new ones, deceives, lies, covers up, goes against the will of the people and acts like a tyrant, that my friends is an unfit president.  The truth is that Hillary is a shadow of Obama ready to come to light.  I am asking the voting public to please do your research and as a old 90's song would say "don't believe the hype" until you read for yourself.   
Donald Trump did not beat out 22 polished politicians for no reason.  He didn't get to be the republican nominee by accident, or because he is unfit.  Donald Trump is where he is because the American people put him there because he gets it.  He understands what America is about and respects our laws and people.  I have worked with the youth for over 20 years and I want to be able to tell them that adults and our leaders follow and respect our laws.  This man, Donald Trump will do just that and will bring law and order back to America.  Donald Trump is the man for President.  He is who America needs for this time in our history. 
I would like to close with these final thoughts. There were two things that Donald Trump said that got my attention and loyalty towards him.  He said "I am running to be the President of America and not the President of the world." He also said this is the last election to fix America or it will be beyond repair.  I ask you to listen to Donald Trump speak in this video above, so that the facts speak for themselves.  He is for you and for all American's and don't let the media tell you different.  He said from the beginning when he ran for office he was mad as h*** and would express his disdain throughout the campaign.  What you hear from Donald and his brash comments is how millions feel.  They just don't have a voice.  My wife said it best when she said "Donald Trump expresses what most American's feel but don't have a way to express."  I believe Donald Trump will be the President of the United States and I believe Donald Trumps plans will truly "Make America Great Again!
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Are you or do you know someone who is depressed, has anxiety or panic attacks, has problems sleeping, experiencing mood swings, feel angry, confused or can't focus?  Look no further. We can help with our breakthrough science in brain neurotransmitter testing.  With a simple urine test we may be able to determine that you may have a chemical imbalance in one of the neurotransmitters, which are responsible for your overall well being.  There is an alternative to prescription drugs.  We use all natural pharmaceutical grade amino acids, minerals and vitamins to correct an imbalance if there is one. You don't have to suffer in silence if you have one of these conditions mentioned above.  Please call on us. We can help you or a loved one, adult, child or senior citizen. 

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Never has there been a more exciting time in the field of neuropsychiatry and brain health.  Total Body Care is very excited to sign on with Neurogistics, Inc. to provide testing for total brain health.   Neurogistics Inc. is ahead of the medical and psychiatric field and is using cutting edge technology to provide help to many who are suffering from mental health problems and are being misdiagnosed and needlessly taking the wrong medications. 

Help is on the way for thousands who don't want to take prescription medications for mental health related issues.  Total Body Care has partnered with Neurogistics, Inc. to provide testing for brain health including neurotransmitter deficiencies, stress, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, OCD, sleep disturbances, mood disorders, eating disorders and many other mental health diagnosis or potential diagnosis.    

The most exciting part of this new technology is that we help the patient with natural alternatives including vitamins, amino acids, minerals, diet modifications and stress management; and it serves all age groups including the elderly, teenagers, children, male and female. 

Dr. DelValle is  a Certified Neurogistics Practitioner and will be providing follow-up consultations after testing.  To learn more about this breakthrough technology visit their website. www.neurogistics.com You can take a free test on their website.  After taking your test you can set up an account with Dr. DelValle, the Practitioner ID is as follows:  TBC01




                    AMWAY RECOGNIZES Dr. Eddie DelValle.

Dr. DelValle was recognized by Amway as an Honorable Mention for the "American Hero Award"  The award is based on service to the community and others and has qualified him as a worthy honoree!  For all he does for the youth and families, Thank you Dr. DelValle and congratulations!!!

Here is the article written by Amway NOVEMBER 2009 ISSUE ON Eddie DelValle


Pictured here: Bo Outlaw  - Orlando Magic / Jean Jeffcoat - Seminole Prevention Coalition / Dr. DelValle - TBC Productions President / David Webb, Jr - Fifth-Third Bank Representative / Nick Anderson - Orlando Magic
Photo by: Fernando Medina with Getty Images


Dr. Eddie DelValle Receiving The Orlando Magic & Fifth Third Bank Award at the Magic - Boston Game.  He was honored for his work with the youth and families in the community.  ~ Congratulations!

Dr. Eddie DelValle Featured On
Faith Talk Magazine

"Our belief at the beginning of an undertaking is the only thing that ensures the successful outcome of our venture.  Whatever we vividly imagine or ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act on, must come to pass."    ~ William James - Philosopher

"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them."  Paul Hawkwn

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because some day in life you will have been all of these."  ~ George Washington Carver

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