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The policy of T.B.C. Productions is to always serve our customers with respect, integrity, and satisfaction.  In the lectures, presentations, content, shows, or services we provide, we will always uphold a high standard, wholesome entertainment, and family safe material. 
Members and representatives of our company are committed to demonstrate behavior that is consistent with high morals, values and ethics.  T.B.C. Productions is a community service organization and we are in business to serve you.
If there are any questions or comments you may have, please write or call us.  We will be happy to respond to questions, feedback, or requests.  It is our honor to help individuals, businesses, and organizations.  
                                           Phone: (407) 342-4956

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Dr. Eddie DelValle is President and CEO of T.B.C. Productions.   Please feel free to request a meeting with him.  He is always available for consultation and embraces the T.B.C. Productions philosophy of quality service and integrity to our customers.  Neither Dr. DelValle or our staff is ever too busy to speak with you. 
                             John 3:3-7