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T.B.C. Drama Ministry

                                            A Christian Theater Production

The T.B.C. Drama Ministry is designed to meet the church, Christian, public or private schools needs.  The drama ministry is designed to reach our youth in creative, dramatic and captivating ways.  Today’s generation is a sophisticated one with an abundance of technology, information and instant gratification.  They are fixated on computers, raw music, television and explicit violence.  Today’s youth are being forced to grow up at an alarmingly fast pace.  They are not a dumb generation, but instead a very intelligent one who have been let down, misinformed and misled by the world.  If left to chance they will spiral downward to self-destruction faster than any generation in history.  

Secular entertainment, the media and music are the main forces of evil operating and are having detrimental effects on this generation.  Dramatic steps need to be taken to reach our youth.  Using God’s word, drama, theatre, props, costumes, a real life, reality-based approach, wholesome entertainment, and music, our drama team teaches and exposes the realities and dangers of the secular world to the youth. Our mission with the drama ministry is it to reach this young generation before Hollywood and the secular world does.  The drama ministry will not operate on a “politically correct” basis.  Instead we will deal with the issues head on as God has commanded us to. 

                                                Special Note

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of our productions at schools, churches and community events.   Involvement in our ministry can be used as community service hours, internships, or career training.  Please contact Director Eddie DelValle to arrange an audition. 

        For Booking or Scheduling Information Contact Our Drama Team

                                                (407) 342-4956