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Lecture Series

The following is a list of topics you may choose from our lecture series.  The Lecture Series can be used for chapel or church services, assemblies, classroom instruction, teacher workshops and in-service training.    Contact With Love Ministries for booking information.                      

Bible Principles and Christian Education

Lecture Series "Spreading God's Light in a Dark World"

Plan of Salvation 

The Prize After the Race:  The Answers to Life and Happiness

Lies and More Lies: Decption and Lies from the Media, Hollywood and our World 

“Who is on First?, Who is on Second? / Priorities in Faith, Putting  God First 

Saving Our Youth The Benefits of Mentoring and Modeling

The Importance of Family Traditions

Living a God Centered Life

Dealing With Temptation

10 Pitfalls For Adults

10 Pitfalls For Young Adults

10 Pitfalls For Children

Defeating Depression


The Power of Prayer

Why America Needs a Nuclear Family

Finding Peace in a Turbulent World

“Evil is Good, Good is Evil” The Lies We Tell Ourselves 

“Food For Thought” How to Win the Battle With Diets and Fads

The Privilege of Being a Christian

Understanding The Bible

Who God is

The Fruits of the Spirit

The Heart of Man

Chain of Command / Respecting Parents, Teachers, and people in Authority

“The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy and Toto’s Story Happiness Lies Within