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                                             "1st-First Class" Agenda

  • 2:00pm- Dr. DelValle arrives at Princeton Elementary and meets the school principal and curriculum resource teacher. 
  • 2:30pm- Teacher conference resumes. 
  • 2:40- Jennifer Rhodes and Maria Simmons greeted by Yo! Canarse with a big surprise! 
  • 2:55- Reading of "What is a Teacher", Nominated Teachers receive "1st-First Class" award.
  • 3:00- Dr. DelValle thanks the teachers for their service, picture and award ceremony.
  • 3:15- Exit 


                                                                     What is a Teacher?
A Teacher is that one person we will never forget throughout our lives.  No matter how much we grow up as adults we'll always remember the elementary things we were taught by that special Teacher.  A Teacher represents many things, but one thing they will never be is replaced.  A Teacher is a hero in the eyes of many of their students. 
You are a very special person to have chosen the profession of teaching.  You have accepted an occupation that is of the highest calling of any vocation.  As a visible leader in the life of a student you are responsible for numerous life changing roles.  On any given day your roles change dramatically.  No amount of college training could prepare you for what is before you on a typical day in the classroom.  On any given day you are mom, dad, mentor, counselor, and many other roles no one told you about. 
You protect your students as if they were your own.  You teach core values because you know some students never see them displayed at home.  You discipline because you love them, and prepare them because you know one day you will have to give them their wings. 
You also play the role of coach because of the skills you demand of them.  The playing field is your classroom and the games are the homework, studying, and test taking they must win at.  Just like a coach during a sporting game, you too cannot do it for  them once they step onto the field. 
As a big brother or sister they can lean on you for trust and advice.  Your students look up to you with eyes full of wonder and awe.  They want to please you because they know you are sincere and care.  When you you originally read the job description it did not mention all the hats you would wear.  When you went to inservice training no one told you to expect anything like this.  Despite all of the obstacles, you answered the call and met the challenge like the special Teacher you are.