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Classroom Resources

      Teacher Classroom Resources
           Lecture Series
Inservice Workshops, Training, and Development for Educators
* Having Fun While Learning and Teaching 
* Discipline Strategies for The Classroom
* Stress Management for Teachers (F.L.O.W. Program)
* Teachers and The Stress Connection
* Curriculum Development
* Developing and Empowering Your School, Staff, and
   Students in Leadership, and Partnerships
* Building Leadership Traits in The 21st Century
* Balancing School and Home Life
* “It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It”
   Communication Skills For: Administrators, Teachers, and Students
* Character Training
* Multicultural Education and Cultural Awareness
* Managing Parents
* How to Celebrate Learning
* Conflict Resolution
* Anger Management
* “Mr. Winter vs. Ms. Sun
   Practicing Patience, Perseverance, and Humility
S.T.A.R.S. Program for Students and Educators
* “Dreams Do Come True”
Goal Setting / Tools and Skills to Reach Your Goals

* “Steer Right” Following Life’s Road Signs

* Dress Code / How to Influence Others With Your Attire

* 10 Steps To Being a Positive Role Model

* “Quick, Take Out the Umbrella It’s Raining!”

   Staying Under Parents and Teachers Umbrella of Protection

* “Check Your Temperature”

   How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

* Staying Drug Free

* “Everybody’s Doing It"

   Avoiding Peer Pressure Towards Alcohol, Drugs, and Delinquent   Behavior

* Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

   Tools and Skills for Critical Thinking Skills

* Building a Value System

* Finding a Mentor and Mentoring in the Community

* Choosing Friends Wisely

* 10 Dangers of Television, Music, Entertainment and the Internet

* Dangers of Drugs and the Rave Club Scene

* Communication Skills for Young Adults and Teenagers

* Tools and Skills for Relationships

* “In The Blink of an Eye"

   The World Trade Center Tragedy

* “There’s Always Tomorrow”

   Starting Over and Rebuilding Your Life

* “Man’s Best Friend Lessons Our Pets and Animals Can Teach Us

* Chain of Command Respecting Parents, Teachers, and People in Authority

* “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy and Toto’s Story Happiness Lies Within

* How To Build a Portfolio and Interview 

All of our seminars will conclude with a question and answer segment.  T.B.C. Productions is honored to serve you.  We want your organization including teachers, students and support staff to succeed.   Our desire is to help each employee be at their best and offer excellent customer service to their team.  We wish you continued success.