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                                             Total Body Care


                                Health / Fitness / Stress / Lifestyle

Choose from any of these topics to empower your organization. We are available for health fairs, workshops, seminars, and lunch & learn sessions.  For Booking information contact Total Body Care. 



* “Speaking To The Heart”

   Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

* Heart Disease Women and the Heart Disease Connection

   Men and the Heart Disease Connection

 * Markers for inflammation: Homocysteine / C-Reactive Protein

 * Antioxidants

 * Smoking / Alcohol

 * Illegal Substances

 * Stress

 * Women and Stress

 * Exercise / Nutrition

 * Anatomy / Physiology

 * Vitamins and Minerals

* Managing Fear / Anger

 * “Laser Beam” Staying Focused

* “How Was Your Day?” Time Management / Scheduling

* Coping with Change

* “Stop and Smell the Flowers”

   Avoiding the Pitfalls of Instant Gratification

* The Power of Consistency

* Happiness is a Choice

* “Half Full or Half Empty?”

   Maintaining a Positive Disposition

* Tools and Skills for Relationships

 * “The Boogie Man" The Reality of Fear

 * Using Inspiration to Succeed

 * Goal Setting * 24-7 Method Time Management

 * “Get out of Your Own Way” Overcoming Self-Imposed Obstacles

 * “Man’s Best Friend”Lessons Our Pets and Animals Can Teach Us

* “The Wizard Oz" Dorothy and Toto’s Story Happiness Lies Within


All of our seminars will conclude with a question and answer segment.  Total Body Care is honored to serve you.  We want your organization to succeed and to be able to offer the highest standard in customer service.  By having healthy, motivated and informed employees your organization will achieve this goal. 

We wish you health and continued success.


                                                                                                    Contact Us
                                                                                   P.O. Box 616772 Orlando, Florida 32861 
                                                                                                      (407) 342-4956