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Today's TEEN

Teen Tip Of The Day
Focus on these 5 things everyday to find balance and inspiration in your life:
I will focus on education today and continue adding commentary each day on the other 4. 
1.) Education: Take full advantage of your education while you can.  Give your best in your studies, respect and honor your parents, and listen intently to your teachers and coaches.  Your goal is to finish high school so you can have a foundation and then move to something bigger and better.  Every day you are moving one step closer to independence.  While you are getting there think of this simple analogy to help you understand how important getting your diploma is.  Draw a snowman and the bottom of the snowman is the foundation.  The foundation supports the rest of the snowman's body.  You need the foundation to be the strongest part in order for the others to rest on it without collapsing.  Well, that is where you are right now going from elementary, middle, high school and further.  Next is the body of the snowman.  The body represents the real world.  You now go out and apply what you've learned and apply it to the real world.  How can anyone do anything without a foundation.  No one would build a house without making sure the foundation is secure, and so you should think of your education the same way.  And finally, the head of the snowman is when you retire.  Notice the head is smaller than the body and foundation?  It means you will do most of your work during the bottom and middle, and won't have to work as hard once you retire.  You can now begin completing the snowman by putting the finishing touches on the face of the snowman.  The question I have for you is: Will your snowman have a happy smile once you retire?  What you do now will determine that.
2.) Emotions:
3.) Physical:
4.) Spiritual:
5.) Finances:
I have worked with thousands of teenagers since my career began in 1990 working with youth.  I have chosen to work with the young generations because I wanted to make an investment in the future of their lives and the future of America.  The only way to really make a difference and impact a generation is by working with one person or group at a time.  The advice is never any different.  I always tell the youth to be informed and engaged in the issues of the day.  You can do this by reading the news, watching debates, talking to your parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, your pastor or other mentors.  By staying involved in social and political issues you will learn a lot about what politicians stand for, congressman, commissioners and other community issues, and how it can effect your future.  Remember, you will not stay young forever.  You will begin to mature and in no time find yourself doing adult things.  One of the ways I learned so much as a young person was I always hung around adults in my family where I would listen to them and their stories.  It really helped me to get a head start and gain knowledge over many of what my peers knew.  One of the best things you can do is stay focused in school especially in the subjects of history, science, and government.  These will give you a foundation for the of the things you will learn and do as an adult.  You can also get involved in groups at school or volunteer your time in the community.  Any exposure you get from the real world will help you as you mature. 


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