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Tools & Skills for Parents


For help with your home and for intervention please contact TBC Productions, Breakthrough Counseling Services.
The following protocol is used by Dr. DelValle for family counseling
1.) Intervention: establish order and harmony in the home and help resolve immediate and pressing conflicts. 
2.) Assessment: assess individual or family situation and develop treatment follow up plan. 
3.) Clarification of family roles: define roles of individual and family members within the family and as defined by society.
4.) Discipline & action plan: establish rules & consequences for the home and an action plan and timeline for success with the current challenges.
5.) Relationship skills: provide tools & skills for the members and stakeholders of the family. 
6.) Communication skills: use the 4 C's connect, control, communicate, consistency, for recovery and continued success. 
7.) Family empowerment: restore healthy behaviors, character and respect in the home. 
Dr. DelValle is a licensed counselor for the Juvenile Justice system in Florida and is helping hundreds of families to bring peace, unity and respect back into the home.  His parenting program is highly successful and gives parents the tools they need to manage their children.  Some highlights of the program are detailed below.  He is also available for all mental health needs. 
Outline of the STAR Parenting Program:
* How to create a vision for your home
* The top 20 negative influences for your home
* How to manage the home and your children
* Tools for establishing order in the home
* Clarifying and identifying each family members roles
* Why all communication is not the same and how to use different  
   communication techniques when talking to children, teens and adults
* The purpose and importance of boundaries and setting limits
* How to build intrinsic value
* The top 10 mistakes parents make
Dr. DelValle is available for seminars, lectures, group & individual counseling and community functions. 
                              For help with your home, please contact TBC Productions
                                                     (407) 342-4956