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Prince & Princess Wedding Services


                        A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony That Honors Your Special Day
                                              Wedding Officiating by Rev. Eddie DelValle
                                          Highlights of Our Services
                                                     ~ Pre-marital /marital counseling
                                                     ~  Biblically based counseling
                                                     ~ Choose a location for your service
                                                     ~ Affordable &convenient
                                                     ~ Non-denominational
                                                     ~ Services are offered for renewing wedding vows


Michael & Jen Blackman Wedding By Pastor DelValle



Pastor DelValle Performing Peralta Wedding
Orlando, Florida 2012


Congratulations Armando & Tamika Bonilla!
Pastor DelValle Performing Wedding on Long Island, NY



                                     My Promise to you
                             You are my beloved and I am yours
                                          A Guide for Relationships

                ~ Beloved principle #1  - Honor God with your marriage in all you do
                ~ Beloved principle #2  - Never let the sun go down on your wrath
                ~ Beloved principle #3  - Make a commitment to always be loyal and honest
                ~ Beloved principle #4  - Never speak ill of your spouse
           ~ Beloved principle #5   - Do not defile the marriage bed
                ~ Beloved principle #6  - Respect each others roles in the marriage
                ~ Beloved principle #7  - Forgive one another
                ~ Beloved principle #8  - Find the good in your spouse everyday 
                ~ Beloved principle #9  - Look in each others eyes everyday
                ~ Beloved principle #10 - Kiss each other for 1 minute 4 times a day everyday 
12 Step Premarital, Divorce Prevention, Marriage Program
"Saving Marriages One Couple At A Time"
If you are thinking about getting married, having problems in your marriage, or already married and want to strengthen it even more, than this program is for you. The statistics are not looking good for married couples and it is only going to get worse. Your marriage does not have to be part of these statistics. Dr. DelValle has designed this program based on his clinical counseling experience with couples, his Biblical training and his own marriage experiences. The instruction and material is from a biblical based format.  
The 12 Step Outline:
1.) Marriage Defined - Mambi Pambi's Need Not Apply:
* Honoring Marriage Principles
* The 5 questions that need to be answered about marriage
* Understanding the specific roles of men and women in marriage
* Accountability and responsibility in marriage
* Serving and sacrifice vs. self-seeking behavior
* Modeling successful marriages
2.) "Sealed With a Kiss" 4 C's to a Successful Marriage:
3.) "Can You Hear Me Now?" Powerful, Life Changing Communication Tools:
*The number 1 Predictor of Success or Divorce in marriage
4.) "Honey, Take Out the Trash" Working through your past so your present can be a gift called peace. 
* 3 things you must do to live in the moment with your spouse.
5.) There is No Option B in Marriage:
* Everything you need to know to get a guaranteed divorce.
6.) "I Pity the Fool": 4 Mr. T's  "Pity Party" prevention tools needed for a healthy marriage:
7.) Sand or Cement? How to keep forgiveness at the forefront of your marriage.  
8.) The Walton's or The Kardashian's Marriage?
* How to keep your marriage drama free. 
9.) "Not Now, I have a Headache"
* Overcoming the Intimacy Power Struggle in Marriages.  
10.) "The Root of All Evil" Finances in Marriage:
* How to not let money, bills, or debt divide your marriage.
11.) Rules of Engagement: The Last Step Before Marriage!
* Preparing for marriage while engaged.    
12.) "I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine." Marriage, the ultimate sacrifice.
*How to Fulfill Your Marriage Vows & Duties for Life.
*** Congratulations on completing the 12 Steps to marriage, "God's Intended Way" Once a couple completes all 12 steps, they will receive a certificate of completion and a Bible to help them stay engaged and married.***