About the Founder

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The Education w/a Touch of Entertainment Program was created and inspired by Dr. Eddie DelValle.  As a young student in elementary school he always knew he would be a teacher.  As he went on to pursue his education he realized many things were missing from the education experience.  Classrooms many times were not conducive to learning and teachers were not providing exciting educational experiences. 

The purpose of the Education w/a Touch of Entertainment show is to bring life to teaching and to make learning fun.  It helps to enrich schools programs by using creativity, innovation and wholesome entertainment.  In 1996 while working at The Renaissance Charter School in Lakeland Florida, he created this program.  The first character (Frito Bandito) was created and was a smash with the students.  As ideas sprouted more characters and themes were added.  There are now 12 different characters and 30 different themes that are a part of the production.  Each character has their own unique personality that adds to the excitement of the show. 

After working in traditional education settings throughout his career, he stepped out of the classroom and took his show on the road.  His mission was to use his show as a vehicle to make teaching and learning more exciting.  This program has manifested because of Dr. DelValle's determination to bring change to the education system.  His is now assisting schools with their programs, providing information on the lastest research supporting student learning, making learning fun, and helping to celebrate every learner's unique learning style. 

What started as just a dream when he was a young boy, has now become a reality in hundreds of schools.  Extensive research backs the programs curriculum and philosophy.  Having a life long love for learning and children, he desires to transfer that passion to teachers and childern in all the schools he visits.  It truly is the most fun you'll ever have learning.